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From about 1960 to 1979, most economists believed that the UK economy was in a dreadful state, and that something ought to be done about it. Between 1945 and 1948, the Labour Government  implemented some policies which were helpful to the whole of society, such as initiating a National Health Service and a social security..

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 Abstract  This paper outlines how a group of researchers came together to prepare policy  proposals designed to improve 16 to 19 work-based education and training. Many researchers have studied individual aspects of the vocational education and training system. But there is no established mechanism for drawing out  policy implications and bringing them to the attention..

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National Vocational Qualifications in England and Wales Video Seminar, 15 May 2003. International Labour Office Training Centre Professor Peter Senker 1. Preamble It seems likely that some countries are seeking a “packaged solution” for the design of their Vocational Education and Training policies. Should they adopt something like the British NVQ system to meet this..