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by Peter Senker and Erika Cudworth This paper draws on: Erika Cudworth, Peter Senker , and Kathy Walker,(editors) ( 2013) Technology, Society and Inequality: New Horizons and Contested Futures, New York, Peter Lang. ABSTRACT Dysfunctional innovation is increasingly pervasive worldwide . It sustains economic and social inequality rather than stimulating economic growth. For example, ICTs..

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ABSTRACT Neoclassical economics dominates modern economics .It fails to take sufficient account either of technological change or of marketing activities, both of which are central features of modern capitalism. Neoliberals believe that the state should be confined to safeguarding individual and commercial liberty and strong property rights. But in practice, corporations’ dependence on states has..

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Implications of agricultural innovation for peasants and small farmers. SUMMARY 1. During the last five hundred years, various changing groups of powerful people and organisations have continually succeeded in depriving small farmers and peasants of the land they had worked, so that it could be used for other purposes. Large farms have succeeded in taking..

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ABSTRACT Over the last 250 years, capitalism has been responsible for rapid economic growth and technological change in many countries. As Schumpeter suggested, the capitalist process progressively raised the standard of life of the masses. The consequent increase in production of an ever-changing and expanding range of products and services lifted hundreds of millions of..