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A Supply-Side Approach to Global Warming, by Hans-Werner Sinn, published by MIT Press, 2012. Professor Sinn’s  green paradox is based on the assumption  that “green” measures  will encourage producers of fossil fuels  to extract their products from the ground earlier rather than later. Announcing a future reduction in the demand for fossil fuels speeds up global..

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 Abstract  This paper outlines how a group of researchers came together to prepare policy  proposals designed to improve 16 to 19 work-based education and training. Many researchers have studied individual aspects of the vocational education and training system. But there is no established mechanism for drawing out  policy implications and bringing them to the attention..

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Policy research and Government: “speaking truth to power?” Notes for Seminar on 20 October 1995 at SPRU, University of Sussex.      Peter Senker I make no apologies for concentrating on Britain in this talk, insofar as I believe that Britain has led the way in terms of the phenomena which I propose to discuss, and has..